Japanese startup wants to learn the moon, to sell more advertising there

By: Eugene Sherban | 15.12.2017, 14:21
Japanese startup wants to learn the moon, to sell more advertising there

Japanese startup Ispace Inc came up with a business of the century   - sell advertising on   The Moon. After all, the previous business of the century, the sale of land on   Moon, thought up earlier. AND   their   The business plan is truly great.

On   At first, Ispace Inc will advertise on   space shuttles to shoot ads in   space. Then they will start selling giant billboards for   surface of the planet. By   opinion of Ispace CEO Takeshi Khakamada, many corporations will want to   they had their own billboard on   background of the Earth. A   the flights themselves to   Luna could   would sponsor Jocasino.

A   who is on   will be the target audience of this advertisement? Correctly   The first colonialists. Therefore, for the sake of additional sale of advertising, they are ready to master another market, even at   The Moon. Adblock and   because   so life does not   gives. Therefore, with   2021 Ispace wants to start on   The moon searches for water.

If there is a lot of water, then   of   it will be possible to obtain hydrogen fuel, which will support the first lunar settlements. A   by   arrival of the first settlers will already be met by advertising local Morshinska and   lunar gasoline. Convenient, that's it.

All this fun takes place in   competition (with   big prizes) Google on   development of the moon. AND   It was supported by money by large Japanese companies like Japan Airlines and   Tokyo Broadcasting System Holdings.

Source: Bloomberg