Intel introduced its first six-core mobile processor

By: Eugene Sherban | 19.12.2017, 12:20
Intel introduced its first six-core mobile processor

After   the release of desktop processors Coffee Lake, Intel Corporation is preparing to update the lineup of top-end processors for laptops. Her   new creation   - a six-core Intel Core i7-8700HQ processor, which will come on   the replacement of the obsolete " quad core " Intel Core i7-7700HQ . This chunky kid will go into   line Kaby Lake Refresh.


The most important thing   - The new CPU will be a six-core. This will be Intel's first six-core mobile processor. 6 cores will work on   at a nominal frequency of 2.4, and   at   Turbo Boost mode will automatically accelerate to   3.6 GHz. L3 caches delivered serious 9   MB. AT   The benchmark CPU-Z Core i7-8700HQ delivers metrics for   level desktop Core i7-6700K . But   t. to.

While this is all information about the novelty. Answers to the questions when and how much do they promise in the near future.

Source: ComputerBase