Microsoft HoloLens Augmented Reality Glasses will become surgeons' assistants

By: Eugene Sherban | 20.12.2017, 00:47
Microsoft HoloLens Augmented Reality Glasses will become surgeons' assistants

Spanish Clinic Gregorio Mara ñ ó n   together with   Exovite is developing an innovative project that allows the use of mixed reality in   real surgery using Microsoft HoloLens glasses. The project was named HoloSurg and   he   to help surgeons find and   to remove malignant tumors in   muscles.

Why HoloLens

AT   differences from   traditional VR-platforms , where the real world is completely replaced by a picture, the product from   Microsoft uses the concept of " holographic computing. " This means that a physically perceptible world around   will overlap the picture, and   ennobled by additional reality.

How it works

Before I lie down on   operating table, the patient undergoes a full range of examinations: from   medical examination before   tomography and   ray. All collected information is generated in   detailed virtual medical record. Having worn a helmet, the surgeon gets full access to the   patient's medical records and   its current life indicators.

The HoloSurg system consists of   set of virtual interactive panels, which are projected in   The field of view of the surgeon and   You can simultaneously see both real and   virtual objects. Thanks to 2D and   3D images that can be viewed, magnified, and   turn in   real-time, physicians will be able to reduce physical   more accurately determine the location of tumors in   patients.


The system completely scans the room with   all in   objects and   allows you to display holographic information in conjunction with   other users, both locally and   remotely. The   Yes, doctors will be able to examine the patient collectively, while in   different ends of the planet. Also, the doctor can place the image in the   the most convenient place for him, in   including   right on   patient.


A couple of years ago, such systems could only be   fiction movies, and   Now, such projects as HoloSurg are increasingly   heels of reality. AT   further, mixed reality will allow surgeons to turn to   virtual information is not   losing touch with   the real world. In addition to convenience, such a system will reduce surgical risks and   significantly speed up the process of operating. Well and   While the surgeon examines the heart, the patient can, for example,   air your virtual liver and   count the holes.

Source: Microsoft