Steam refused to support Bitcoin

By: Anton Melnik | 21.12.2017, 09:51
Steam refused to support Bitcoin

Bitcoins can no longer be paid in the Steam game store. All because of the high commission and instability of the course of the crypto currency

What they say in Valve

Recently, we wrote about the next drop in the bitcoin rate caused by warnings from the Singapore authorities about the risks of using crypto currency. Then the cost of bitcoin literally in a few hours fell by more than 15% and this is far from an isolated case. With the jumps, the amount of crypto currency needed to purchase goods also changes, which means that users often had to overpay. In addition, the commission of the Bitcoin network has significantly grown, if one year ago it was necessary to pay about 20% of the check, now the wallet can easily be devastated by $ 20 per transaction. These two problems significantly influenced the expediency of using the crypto currency on Steam, so Valve has stopped supporting it as a payment tool. If bitcoin and will return, then only when will be offered more favorable conditions for gamers and similar game stores.

Source: Steam