iPhone taught how to beatit bitcoins, but it's unclear why

The application MobileMiner allows you to crypt for   the latest iPhone models   13   in   month, but   cool kills the battery

iPhone taught how to beatit bitcoins, but it's unclear why

Specifically for the iPhone, the jailbreak developer Elias Limnehos created the MobileMiner application, which allows the use of crypto currency. The   there is now no   you   will work for   brand new smartphone, and   your gadget will be able to earn money for you.

How it works

MobileMiner only works on   more powerful models   - not   older than the " Seven " (iPhone 7, 8, 8 Plus and X). The application works in   background and   not   slows down other processes, but   it must be turned on all the time. AT   In this case, there is enough battery for   several hours, so do not   It is excluded that in time you will have to fork out for   new battery.

On   select five available crypto currency: Bitcoin, Litecoin, Etherium, Monero and   Electroneum.

To install MobileMiner, you have to sweat, yes   and   it is available only to those who have a Developer ID. Source code for   GitHub must be compiled with   using Xcode, and   ready-to-use application to sign and   prepare for   upload to   iPhone with   using iOS App Signer.

How much you can earn

With a 24-hour operation, MobileMiner will bring you around 13   in   month or 150 " green " for   year. 1% from   The earned amount automatically goes to the developers. By   simple calculations, iPhone X   will pay off " just " for   8 years, not   counting the dead batteries. Of course, you can try for sport interest, but   get rich with   using MobileMiner, alas, not   it will turn out.

Source: 9to5Mac