Forecast: by the next new year every second smartphone will be "frameless"

By: Eugene Sherban | 28.12.2017, 11:07
Forecast: by the next new year every second smartphone will be "frameless"

Analysts from   Sigmaintell counted the production capacity of display manufacturers for smartphones and   gave a fairly optimistic forecast   - to   end of next year 40% of smartphones on   market will be so-called " frameless " . The   there are models with   thin frames around the screen.

AT   The report says that worldwide shipments of   screen ratio of 18: 9 in   2017 was 230   million units. And 200   million was issued in   the second half of the year, when and   the general fashion began   " Frameless " . AND   in   many of its   made the Samsung Display, which made displays for itself, and   for Apple. Having combined 2 + 2, in   Sigmaintell concluded that in   almost half of the smartphone market   the next new year, " frameless. " They draw a share of 40% of the market, but at the same time they notice that it can be more.

Interestingly, a couple of months ago, analysts from   Suning drew almost this   same rosy picture, but   from   one but. Manufacturers will face   lack of displays with   resolution of 18: 9, and   So   They will suffer when they want to change the standard design of the smartphone, as did Apple with   under the camera in   iPhone X. Therefore, instead of 40% can be as much as 50%, and 30%.

Source: Digitimes