Google said goodbye to the tablet Pixel C

After the disappearance of the " junior " version now from   Google Store removed and   " Older " Pixel C   on   64 GB   together with   all accessories

Google said goodbye to the tablet Pixel C

Google decided to stop selling the tablet Pixel C, which was released in   2015, and   removed it from   Its branded online store Google Store. This is about   " Older " version of the gadget with   64 GB   flash memory   - models with   32 GB   removed earlier.

Also from   Google Store disappeared accessories to   Pixel C, including the keyboard.

What they say in   Google

AT   The companies confirmed the information on   cease sales of the tablet and   called it an obsolete product. In return, users are offered the recently introduced Google Pixelbook as a universal tool, combining in   the best of   laptop and   tablet. But   at   Google does not promise   forget about   users of Pixel C, updating and   supporting the device.

Recall, Google Pixel C introduced in September 2015. The junior version cost $ 499, the older one   - on   100   dollars is more expensive. AT   the last time he   not   He enjoyed special success, despite   that stores repeatedly tried to lure customers to discounts.

Source: The Verge