Marvel launches an online platform for creating your own comics

Create Your Own will help " blend " out   ready-made details of his superhero and   make it part of the original story

Marvel launches an online platform for creating your own comics

Studio Marvel announced the launch of the online platform Create Your Own , with   With the help of which everyone can create his own superhero and   comics about   German.

How to create a comic

For this,   compulsory skill to draw: in   the program has a ready-made set of parts. Here you can select a character and   his posture, background, add " bubbles " with   replicas, sounds and   symbolism of Marvel.


By registering on   Create Your Own, you   give your consent to   that Marvel fully owns all the rights to   created content. This means that the distribution of ready-made comics and   sell them   forbidden.

also in   comic books   should be obscene lexicon, weapons, " nudity " (not   dare undress the Black widow!), politics, death and   parodies of   Marvel content (from   them and   themselves not bad it turns out). It is forbidden to use " sensationalism " , for example, appearance in   plot of bee-killers , aliens and   scandalous topics. AT   in general, everything without which the comic becomes uninteresting.

Where and   when

Create Your Own will be available in   mobile version and   for PC, but   the final date of launch of the platform is still unknown.

Source: Marvel