"Steve Jobs" - an Italian company by court order

Two brothers from Italy won the court with Apple and can now call their company "Steve Jobs"

"Steve Jobs" - an Italian company by court order

After several years, the lawsuits of the two brothers Vincenzo and Giacomo Barbato with Apple for the trademark "Steve Jobs" came to an end. According to la Repubblica Napoli , the court allowed the Italians to name their company on behalf of the founder of Apple.

The struggle began in 2012. Enterprising brothers were engaged in the production of clothing and accessories, creating them for other brands. When the dodgers found out that Apple does not have a registered trademark with the name of its founder, they decided to open a company called "Steve Jobs".

Apple, naturally, could not ignore this and sued for the use of the trademark. But since the Italians logo was not stolen from Apple, the court allowed it to be used.

Source: The Verge

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