DC found a new helmsman: the films about Batman, Superman and Flush will be dealt with by the creator of the horror film "It"

By: Eugene Sherban | 05.01.2018, 13:35

Having stepped on   those   the same rake in   For the 33rd time, Warner Bros has cleaned the DC manual   Comic. Be responsible for   film production   comics will be Walter Hamada, who used to primarily produce horror films. For example, the recent hit " It "   - in   many of his hands deal.

Apparently, the heads of Warner Bros seemingly constantly showing off the ears of Mickey Mouse sticking out from everywhere. Therefore, their   did not   releases the idea of ​​finding his Kevin Feigi , on   which you can shift all the worries and cut money from the movie street. Therefore, Hamada from the take-off jumps on a barrel of gunpowder - he did not need to screw up with " Akvamen " (December 21, 2018), and then revise the entire list of already approved films (and   their   very much) and   somehow cheer Ben Affleck.

Recall that a few years ago after a failure with   "A person from   Steel " , the leadership of Warner Bros gave carte blanche DC   on   creation of a separate film division. It was headed by John Berg and   one of   the main ideologists of DC   In recent years, Jeff Jones (be sure to read his " Green Lantern " ). These two had to go   the footsteps of Kevin Feigi and   make your Marvel with   total gloom and   sad Batman. But   not   came out. Because Berg was fired, and   Jeff Jones will remain in   top, but   at   rather limited role.

Source: Variety