HP recalls "flammable" batteries for laptops

8 people have already suffered from   overheating of batteries, one of   they paid with health, getting burned hands

HP recalls "flammable" batteries for laptops

AND   newly " hot " news about   HP laptops: users began to complain about   battery overheating, and   at   In some cases, the batteries have even melted or caught fire. Now, 8 such complaints have already been received, and if the majority of the applicants " got rid " of the damaged laptops, then   one user got burned hands.

Who in   risk zone

As it turned out, overheated batteries are released from   December 2015 to   end of 2017 for HP models   ProBooks (64x G2 series and   G3, series 65x G2 and   G3), HPx360   310 G2, HP   Envy m6, HP   Pavilion x360, HP   11, HP   ZBook (17 G3, 17 G4 and   Studio G3), and   also for mobile workstation HP   XBook Studio G4.

AT   statement   states that batteries from   one of   suppliers, and   this is about 0.1% of   all sold batteries for   over the past two years.

What to do

Users are advised to go to   HP website   and   find out   I replace the battery with a   your device. If it is necessary   - it is worth turning to   specialist, because these batteries are not   can be replaced by users. The battery will be replaced free of charge.

TO   word, this is not   the first such case with   devices. In the summer of 2016 and   In the winter of 2017, the company already had to recall almost 150,000 batteries that could lead to   fire.

Source: Engadget