Skype tests the function of encrypted calls

By: Elena Shcherban | 13.01.2018, 12:15
Skype tests the function of encrypted calls

Microsoft claims   cooperation with   developer of Signal Open Whisper Systems, whose goal   - implementation in   Skype end-to-end encryption for confidential conversations and   correspondence.

How it works

The new feature is called Skype Private Conversations and   It is intended for encryption of voice calls, messages and   forwarded files. Encryption is performed from   Signal with   open source, which is also used in   WhatsApp, Google, Facebook, and   instant messenger Signal.

In order to activate the encryption function, you must send a request to your interlocutor and   wait for his consent. The   there is the turn of the current conversation in   confidential   it turns out, like   transfer it   from   one device per   other. The   there is if on   smartphone already included the function of Skype Private Conversations, but   you   want to go to   the tablet   - the interlocutor needs to send a second request.

skype = private-conversation-screenshot.jpg

Where works

While the Skype Private Conversations function works only in   test mode. Try it out   You can install Skype Insider for Android, iOS, Linux, Mac and   Windows.

Source: Windows Central