ZTE does not give up and will release even more bent smartphones

By: Eugene Sherban | 13.01.2018, 12:12
ZTE does not give up and will release even more bent smartphones

The failure does not   can knock down a samurai with   ways. Following this logic, ZTE management stated that it will continue to experiment with   unusual designs of smartphones and   will release the successor to the smartphone-clamshell ZTE Axon M.

Original ZTE Axon M   from   its double folding screen has become a kind of unique smartphone. However, its market is not   accepted. The   whether buyers do not   were ready for   him, then   whether ZTE itself does not   was able to explain to people why they need it   folding display. However,   less, vice president of ZTE for   Marketing Jeff Yee   I am confident that the company is moving in   the right direction (look at Samsung and Microsoft ), only small adjustments are needed.

What was in the   original Axon

Have   original ZTE Axon M   There were two 5, 2-inch Full HD-screen , which decomposed into   one large screen with a diameter of   6.75 inches. AT   folded   works in   Dual mode, when   every screen you can launch your application or game. Also, the smartphone knows how to switch to   Mirror mode, broadcasting one and   that   same picture on   both displays. All this works under the control of Snapdragon 821 and   OS   Android 7.1.2 Nougat. Question price   - $ 725.

Source: Ubergizmo