Is Microsoft really working on a smartphone?

By: Eugene Sherban | 09.01.2018, 12:30
Is Microsoft really working on a smartphone?

The employee of the Chinese division of the company answered   user questions in   chat when one guy complained about   bugs in   The voice assistant Microsoft Cortana on   Android smartphones . AT   answer engineer explained to him that Cortana's   Unlike   Siri and   Bixby, sewn in   system. A   Cortana there. This is a stand-alone application and   the   he has no such access to   system, like   Siri. That's why   integration with   he does not   as powerful as I could   would.

" Permissions are important for an intelligent assistant (note: on   work inside the system). I really look forward to when Cortana will work perfectly for   Surface Phone. Of course, the pace of development of virtual assistants is relatively slow, but   our team is working hard to improve the situation. " -   wrote a Microsoft employee.

After Nokia's funeral around Microsoft, then   and   there are rumors of   development of a new smartphone. The last of   speaks about   mysterious device with   double screen that folds like a notepad or unfolds in   the tablet.

A source: Phonearena