Interesting videos of the week: a robotic kangaroo, a transparent hood and an exploding battery

By: Alex Chub | 11.04.2014, 16:59
Interesting videos of the week: a robotic kangaroo, a transparent hood and an exploding battery

The picture above does not relate to the first video, but we will necessarily return to it a little lower. At the beginning of the week we wrote about the quad-copter DJI Phantom 2 Vision + with a 14-megapixel camera and three-axis image stabilization. Now you can look at it in action, and at the same time - and on Las Vegas from a bird's eye view:

The idea of ​​3D-handles is not original, it was already 3Doodler and similar to it. London company LIX is planning a campaign on Kickstarter to finance its version called LIX Pen. The company believes that the options available on the market are too cumbersome and inconvenient. LIX Pen in size does not exceed the standard marker:

A very severe crash test was conducted by the smartphone Samsung Galaxy S5. After the significant damage the knife did not succeed in the course went the hammer, the result:

Land Rover, like all car manufacturers (or almost all) are worried about the safety and convenience of drivers and passengers. The latest development of the company is Transparent Bonnet, a transparent hood. In the area of ​​the radiator grilles, several cameras are installed, and the Head-Up Display technology in real time "translates" a full-color picture onto the windshield:

The company Festo regularly pleases its robotics. Mostly they are similar to animals, this time scientists have created a robot BionicKangaroo, which repeats the movements of kangaroos. The robot, due to pneumatic systems, can transform the kinetic energy of one jump into the following:

Let's return to the picture above. Studio Red Fly developed a game in the universe of Star Wars, the main character of which was to become Darth Maul (Darth Maul), in the picture - artwork games. Development was carried out from 2010, but the game was canceled, that's what could come out of it: