Qualcomm fined $ 1.23 billion for bribery Apple

The EU antitrust regulator   found that Qualcomm paid Apple billions of dollars for   then, in order   iPhone and   iPad were just their   chips

Qualcomm fined $ 1.23 billion for bribery Apple

The EU antitrust regulator   fined Qualcomm on   997   million ($ 1.23)   billion) for   unfair "game" on   market of microchips. AND   the cause of everything was Apple.

What happened

AT   The European Union launched an investigation into the   Qualcomm still in the   2015. " Digging " in   company with   2011 to   2016 and   at   The result was found out that all this time in   Qualcomm paid Apple for   then that   used in   their iPhone and   iPad exclusively them   chips with   LTE support.

This is about   billions of dollars, and it was not   just a discount for the " apple " company, and   it is bribery. AT   result from   competitors, such as Intel, simply do not   there was still a chance. " This meant that neither   one opponent does not   could effectively challenge Qualcomm at the   this market, regardless of   how good they are   products » ,   - the European Commissioner for   competition issues Margret Vestager.

How much will they pay?

The penalty was 4.9% of the   turnover of Qualcomm for   2017, and   it's almost a billion euros. But   manufacturer of chips is not   agree with   such a solution and   plans to appeal him. Here we are sincerely sure that the agreement with   Apple does not   contradicts the rules of the EU.

A   what with   Apple

In this case, Apple for   getting money from   Qualcomm nothing   will be. Moreover, now the company itself is suing   " Podelnikom " , accusing him of   unfair business   parts of licensing their own developments. If in brief: in   Qualcomm allegedly promised a discount for   exclusive cooperation, but   then abruptly changed their minds. Now Apple wants to return $ 1 billion.

Apparently, this year will not be   the most successful for Qualcomm, considering suits, fines and   reduction in profits.

Source: Reuters