On February 24, Meizu will present the Flyme 7 shell: what can we expect from it?

By: Bohdan Chub | 25.01.2018, 14:30
On February 24, Meizu will present the Flyme 7 shell: what can we expect from it?

Flyme 6 with a great delay appeared on smartphones Meizu, and not to step on the same rake, the company decided not to rush with the announcement of the next version of the shell. This did not prevent the plum of the screenshots of the test firmware on the basis of Flyme 7, and Chinese insiders have already published a poster with the likely date of the premiere - February 24, 2018.

What's new?

By analogy with MIUI 9 , in Flyme 7, developers have paid special attention to optimizing the system. In particular, there is mentioned an updated system of artificial intelligence OneMind 2.0, which studies the habits of the user and distributes hardware resources for smooth operation of the device. In the lower right corner, a virtual mQuick button will appear (most likely, it will be used to call up the menu - a useful function, especially considering the transition to "high" screens 18: 9).

There will not be any major changes in the design. Rumors promise a new color scheme, flat elements and gradients. There will be more animations in the interface. The player strongly resembles a standard application on the iPhone, and this is not all that Meizu has borrowed from the latest releases of iOS.

What version of Android is the basis of Flyme 7 - is unknown. Today, Flyme devices are used by more than 60 million people around the world, and international versions of Meizu smartphones now come preloaded with Google services.

Source: IT Home