50 Cent earned $ 8 million, selling the album for bitcoins

AT   In 2014, the rapper earned 700 bitcoins for   sale of the album Animal Ambition, and   Only now I remembered   them

50 Cent earned $ 8 million, selling the album for bitcoins

Rapper 50 Cent, who several years ago declared himself bankrupt, unexpectedly regained the status of a millionaire. A   all thanks to the bitcoins, which for a long time lay forgotten in   purse musician.

How come

Also in   2014 50 Cent, releasing the album Animal Ambition, for fun began to take for   plates crypto currency. AT   The result was about 700 bitcoins, which at that rate cost about $ 450 thousand. Essential trifles for the rapper, so 50 Cent did not even   cashed virtual " coins " , and   safely about   forgot them.

AT   In 2015, the musician declared himself bankrupt, and   only in   late last year, I remembered   a forgotten purse, in   which, as in   yeast, all this time his condition grew.

How much earned

A   the amount ran high   - from   $ 7 to   $ 8.5   million How many exactly   - 50 Cent is not   recognizes and   jokes at   Instagram that "I just forgot about   them, " but   now " proud of himself. " Yet   would: that   the most forgotten " trifle " turned yesterday's bankrupt into   millionaire. On   clip from   models and   gold pendants will be enough.

By the way, 50 Cent   - not   the only potential bitcoin millionaire. Their albums for   Crypto currency is also sold to Snoop Dogg (Bush) and Bjork (Utopia).

Source: TMZ