Google made online advertising less annoying

Updating the Ads Settings and   Mute This Ad   allows you to block notifications of   goods that you   searched earlier, and   " Transfer " the lock to   different devices

Google made online advertising less annoying

Google reports on   the release of several tools to disrupt annoying online advertising . More precisely, this is not   new functions, and   updated Ads Settings and   Mute This Ad.

Ads Settings

This is an extremely necessary innovation for shopaholics, whose " sins " drag on   them on   for the whole month. For example, you   clicked on   certain goods on   site, after which you closed the tab and   safely about   they forgot it. But   No: the advertisement of this product now haunts you on   during the month   - this is the deadline set by advertisers.


But   now such notifications can be disabled. For this, it is necessary in   your account, find Ad   Settings, select the section Your reminder ads and   mark the ad that you   no more   want to see.

The lock will operate in   within 90 days.

Mute This Ad

This function was introduced in   2012, but   Now she has learned to " wander " through   different devices. For example, if you   block ads on   laptop   - it will automatically disappear and   on   smartphone.

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Besides, in   Google promises to implement this feature in   other applications and   websites with   which cooperates.

Source: Google