Samsung has come up with a new way to identify users - using blood pressure

By: Elena Shcherban | 29.01.2018, 18:34
Samsung has come up with a new way to identify users - using blood pressure

Samsung has applied for   patent, suggesting a new way of identifying the gadget user. Apparently, they   little fingerprints, iris and   " Portrait " of a person   - now in   the move went well   arterial pressure.

How it works

Samsung wants to install on   smart phones or "smart watch" sensors which will determine the blood pressure, and   already the software will compare the received data with   stored " source " .


The South Korean manufacturer is confident that such a method will become safe, because blood pressure is no longer   forged. AND   indeed, it changes in   depending on   human condition   - and   physical, and   emotional, and   this is far from   fingerprint, which appears in   the womb and   not   changes from   age. But   at   Samsung claims that the algorithm will take into account different factors,   including   user status (oh, it will not be easy for him   cosmonauts).

AT   than good

While this idea sounds incomprehensible and   even crazy, but   not   It is worth forgetting that this is just an application for   patent. There are no guarantees that this technology in   result will appear in   Samsung devices.

But   If this does happen, everyday gadgets can become pocket therapists who will constantly monitor   your health. And, probably, soon the grandmothers will not collect a pension   on   new tonometer, and   on   smartphone from   Samsung.

Source: Pocketnow