Google Clips with integrated AI came on sale

The camera from Google, which automatically creates images, went on sale at a price of $ 250

Google Clips with integrated AI came on sale

Even at the presentation of Pixel 2, Google showed the Google Clips camera, which only recently went on sale for $ 250. All wishing will have to wait until the end of February or until early March to get it. But, despite this, it was immediately sold out.

Google Clips is a small square with a weight of 42 grams. The device received a 12-megapixel camera with a viewing angle of 130 degrees. The camera has a 16 GB drive, which will save a 3-hour video. Google Clips is interesting because with the help of technology based on artificial intelligence Moment IQ, it learns to recognize the faces of your loved ones and make automatic photos at the right time. All saved materials can be sent to your smartphone.

Source: AndroidAuthority