Facebook introduces monetization of game streams

The Facebook pilot program will allow gamers to do streaming, multiply the number of subscribers and   earn on   this money

Facebook introduces monetization of game streams

Facebook announced   start a pilot program of game streams, which should attract and   game developers, and   players themselves   - professional and   beginners.

What do they promise

AT   Facebook is planning to introduce monetization of game streams. But   on   initial stage, in   Unlike   Youtube and   Twitch, only selected streamers will be able to get money   - Participants in the pilot program. This will resemble a tip: each viewer can pay a certain player.

The site for the broadcast of video games will allow you to stream   resolution of 1080p and   rate of 60 K / s.

also in   plans to conduct streams in   Instagram and   at   the virtual reality helmet of the Oculus.

What now

Have   sotsseti already now has its own audience of streamers thanks to Facebook Live. For example, StoneMountain64 already has over one million subscribers who share with   his love of   PUBG, Fortnite, and   other games.

Become a participant in the pilot program can be by reference .

Source: Facebook , Polygon