Samsung began production of equipment for the crypto currency

By: Elena Shcherban | 31.01.2018, 19:34
Samsung began production of equipment for the crypto currency

AT   Samsung has already started the production of integrated circuits for special purposes (ASIC) for the production of crypto currency. It seems that the company decided to " expand the horizons " and   connect to   bitcoin fever.

What is known

The development of the chip ended in   last year, and   already in   This month mass production started. Samsung chips will supply for an unnamed Chinese partner, speaking at the same time   as a semiconductor manufacturer.

The first market for ASIC will be China. This is very strange, because in   This country is rather prejudiced   crypto currency, and   recently here and   spoke of   prohibition of mining. After the Middle Kingdom, sales of equipment should begin in   South Korea, Japan and   other countries.

AT   Samsung has not yet   comment on this information, but   source in   the company noted in   line comment Techcrunch: «Samsung in   Currently engaged in the manufacture of chips for the production of crypto-currency. However, we   not   we can disclose further details regarding our customers. "

Who are the competitors

Now on   ASIC market is dominated by Bitmain and   Canaan Creative, which collaborate with   Taiwanese TSMC. Perhaps Samsung can " move " and   them, as in   the case with   Intel and   market processors .

Source: TechCrunch , The Bell