Samsung, in addition to S9 and S9 +, can release the Galaxy S9 Active and another 23 models

By: Elena Shcherban | 03.02.2018, 00:12
Samsung, in addition to S9 and S9 +, can release the Galaxy S9 Active and another 23 models

AT   network " merged " lists Samsung, in the   all smartphone models planned for   this year. Total in   list of 26 items   - from   flagship   budget devices. All of them are indicated under the code mark, but   some of   they managed to declassify.

Galaxy S9

Honorary first places in   list is occupied by Galaxy S9 and   S9 +, encrypted under star and   star2. Recall their   present in   February at   exhibition MWC 2018 in   Barcelona .

Behind   they are the mysterious model astarqlte. Most likely, this is already a traditional flagship version of Active. Similar models of Galaxy S   Samsung is releasing from   2013, and   why   would not   repeat this tradition in   this year? TO   the   The following notation can be hidden under the astarqlte cipher: A   - Active, Star   - Galaxy S9, Q   - Qualcomm Snapdragon and   LTE.

No characteristics of the Galaxy S9 Active   specified, but   judging by the Galaxy S8 Active, you can expect a shockproof smartphone in   Protected body for fans of active-extreme recreation.

also in   list is crown   - it is expected that this will be Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

What else

Judging by   list in   This year we should expect a wide range of the J series: J2, J3, J3 Neo, J4, J6, J7, new J7, and   also J8. In addition, it is possible to output Galaxy C10, Galaxy C10 Plus, Galaxy Tab S4 and   Generations Galaxy Tab E   and   Galaxy Tab A   10.1.

Other code names can not be decoded   managed.

A   Here's how the complete list of Samsung's planned new products looks:

  • astarqlte   - Samsung Galaxy S9 Active
  • c10lte   - Samsung Galaxy C10
  • c10plte   - Samsung Galaxy C10 Plus
  • crown   - Samsung Galaxy Note 9
  • degasy18wifi
  • grandppirislte
  • gtaxlad
  • gta2xl   - Samsung Galaxy Tab A   10.1   2018
  • gtesy18lte   - Samsung Galaxy Tab E   2018
  • gts4llte   - Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
  • j2y18lte   - Samsung Galaxy J2   2018
  • j3neolte   - Samsung Galaxy J3 Neo
  • j3topelte   - another new Galaxy J3
  • j4lte   - Samsung Galaxy J4
  • j6lte   - Samsung Galaxy J6
  • j7topelte   - new Galaxy J7
  • j7toplte   - another new Galaxy J7
  • j8lte   - Samsung Galaxy J8
  • jackpotlte
  • jackpotqlte
  • jackpot2lte
  • jackpot2qlte
  • kellylte
  • lugelte
  • star   - Samsung Galaxy S9
  • star2   - Samsung Galaxy S9 +

Source: XDA Developers