The flagship Sony will receive updates for 2 years

Sony Mobile announced that their flagship devices will receive updates for two years

The flagship Sony will receive updates for 2 years

An important criterion in choosing an Android smartphone is how quickly and for how long companies will update and maintain devices. For example, Sony is relatively quick to update its smartphones and never talks about the timing of device support. But in the future it will change.

What will change

Sony Mobile announced that it will support premium-class smartphones within two years of the announcement. If we talk about medium-budget and budget devices, then everything will depend on how much the company's programmers can optimize the firmware for low-performance devices.

In the dry residue

For flagship smartphones support for 2 years - the norm, so that the position of Sony seems quite logical. But I also want to see long-term updates of the OS for smartphones of the middle class. We hope this will also change in the future.

Source: AndroidCentral