HP has introduced VR kits for gamers and developers

New editions are created for commercial use and software developers.

HP has introduced VR kits for gamers and developers

HP introduced two new virtual reality sets for Windows.

What was shown

"Professional Edition" practically does not differ from the standard, except for a couple of details. To the ordinary helmet and controllers added removable faceplates. They will be useful for promotional VR-stands, which are put in shopping centers. The price for the "Professional Edition" is $ 449, and the release is scheduled for March 2018.

The second edition is called the VR Launch Kit and is more suitable for gamers and developers. Launch Kit was developed by HP in conjunction with Epic Games and is based on the Unreal Engine platform. The company claims that they managed to reduce the production of applications for VR for five days using the tool Datasmith5.

HP also updated the Z4 Workstation, designed to develop VR-games. Now the installation supports Intel Core X CPU. Also added support for more powerful graphics chips, which allows the Z4 to compete with systems more expensive. Z4 Workstation is already available for purchase for $ 1,499.

Source: Engadget