Apple filed a patent for a stylus that draws in the air

This stylus can draw, write, and   create three-dimensional images on   any surface not   only sensory, and   even in   air.

Apple filed a patent for a stylus that draws in the air

Apple decided to patented the stylus, which is not   is limited to a touch screen, and   can draw and   write on   any surface, even in   air. The patent was filed in the summer of 2016, but   published just now.

How it works

Title of patent   - " Creating content from   using an electronic input device on   non-electron surfaces. " How this device will work   - it is not known, but, most likely, in   A sensor (for example, an accelerometer or a motion sensor) or a camera will be located on the tip of the pen, and   trajectory will track the cameras on the   computer or smartphone. Thus, the gadget can carry out wireless monitoring for   stylus movements and   design them   on   screen.


FROM   Using this stylus you can draw, write and   even create three-dimensional images. At the same time,   Drawings indicate the most diverse devices that work with   such a pen: laptop, iPhone, iPad and   Apple Watch.


Of course, this is just a patent, and   far from   the fact that such a stylus will still be released. The company files patent applications for   different styluses with   2010, but   before   So far only Pencil has been released, which is limited only to iPads Pro.

Source: WIPO , The Verge