HP announced notebooks with advanced security chips

By: Igor Nikitin | 07.02.2018, 12:09
HP announced notebooks with advanced security chips

HP showed a new line Elitebook, in which the manufacturer focused on user safety.

What was shown

Series Elitebook 800 will receive three versions of notebooks with different diagonal and characteristics. Model 830 G5 will receive a 13-inch display, and 840 G5 and 850 G5 - 14 and 15 inches respectively. The younger model will acquire the resolution to Full HD, while the older models will have a resolution of 4K. To draw this resolution, the 840 G5 and 850 G5 will receive discrete graphics, and the 830 G5 will only have an integrated Intel chip.

Office chips

In a series of notebooks Elitebook 800, the company focused on office plankton and businessmen who often call via Skype and bake about security.

HP has installed two microphones in the computers, designed to improve communication. The second microphone can be used in two scenarios. If you are videoconferencing via Skype, then it will catch the voices of people standing next to you. If you are alone, the microphone will crush the noise around you.


For customers who care about their security, HP added a few useful chips. First, the built-in barrier for the web camera, so that the SBU and the FSB will not look at how you "ring" from the memchs. Secondly, a filter for the display, which will make it harder for fans to spy on someone else's monitor. By pressing Fn + F2, the screen becomes dark for everyone who sits on the side of the computer.

HP took care of the Internet security. Technology Sure Click launches the browser in a "separate container", which protects the PC from malicious programs. Probably, the program can protect the laptop from vulnerabilities in the likeness of Specter, which use the browser to attack.

Question price

A new series of notebooks will go on sale until the end of February 2018. For 830 G5 ask $ 1,049, and 840 G5 and 850 G5 will cost $ 1,029 and $ 1,039, respectively.