Vostok Games announces PUBG in the setting of Chernobyl

By: Anton Melnik | 07.02.2018, 15:18
Vostok Games announces PUBG in the setting of Chernobyl

Former developers of STALKER are now working on the creation of the online shooter Fear The Wolves, in the now popular genre of "royal battle".

What do they promise

Most likely, the new project Vostok Games will work on the same engine as Survarium - the previous large title of the company. Mode Fear The Wolves will be designed for 100 people with the possibility of playing as part of the detachment. According to the development team, players will be able to run around the devastated radiation, the expanses of the Chernobyl exclusion zone, filled with various anomalies, dangerous radioactive zones, which can not be passed without special equipment and bloodthirsty mutants - everything we love. In addition, Vostok Games has promised a dynamic weather change and a day / night cycle that will affect the tactics of survivors.


The release of Fear The Wolves on all current platforms should take place in 2018, but PC users will be able to evaluate the project in the early access a little before the official release.

Source: FocusHome