Cortana is now available for iPad tablets

By: Pavel Chuikin | 08.02.2018, 13:25
Cortana is now available for iPad tablets

The voice assistant Microsoft Cortana for iOS received a fresh update. Now the program is available and optimized for iPad tablets.

Higher, Farther, Faster

The version of Microsoft Cortana for iPad is launched 20% faster, got an interface adapted for large screens and works with third-party programs, including Skype and Facebook. Among the voice assistant capabilities are standard reminders and timer settings, scheduling meetings, answers to user questions and so on. Apple partially limits the functionality of the supporters of the assistants and Microsoft Cortana is no exception. The application can not be installed by default, as an assistant. Instead, it always costs Siri, which can also be called with a voice, but Cortana does not.


The original voice assistant Cortana for iOS came out in 2015, but only for smartphones. In less than three years, Microsoft decided to add support for Apple's tablets and why it was only now incomprehensible. Microsoft Cortana is already available for download at the App Store .

Source: MacRumors