Twitter for the first time in 12 years, received a quarterly profit

By   fourth quarter net profit of Twitter was $ 91   million, but   by   indicators for   2017 in   the company still remains unprofitable.

Twitter for the first time in 12 years, received a quarterly profit

AT   Twitter summed up the results of the 4th quarter (October - December) and   2017 in   whole. It turned out as in   template: good news and   bad. FROM   Which one to start with?

First profit

AT   the fourth quarter of the microblogging network earned $ 735   million and   for the first time (for   12 years of existence!) Received a net profit   - $ 91   million. The last quarter ended with   $ 21.1   million losses, and   the same period of 2016   - with   $ 167.1   million   "minus".

But   it's just a spoonful of honey in   barrel with   tar, because in   the whole year was still unprofitable   - on   $ 108   million. Although this is   4 times less than   2016 year. Annual revenue was $ 2.4   billion, having decreased by   3%.


How many users

The number of active users (who do not enter   less often than   month) is now 330   million people. It's on   4% more than in 2016, but   less predictions of experts who were expecting 332   million.

TO   word, after Twitter published these figures, the stock price began to increase by   pre-auction in   New York . Only for   The last year of Twitter increased almost   50%.

Moreover, y   Facebook net profit of   2017 increased in   1.6 times by   compared to   previous year   - up to   $ 15,934   billion

Source: Twitter