Samsung has released a 3D version of the world's first LED-screen for cinemas

AT   companies assure that the 10-meter LED screen is not   reduces brightness and   not   distorts the picture, and   also not   will lead to   headaches and   Bad health when wearing 3D glasses .

Samsung has released a 3D version of the world's first LED-screen for cinemas

Samsung Electronics on   ISE 2018 (Integrated Systems Europe), the largest commercial display   Europe, introduced the LED-display 3D Cinema for cinemas. This is a 3D version of the huge screens produced last year with a diagonal of 10.3 meters.


3D glasses when watching movies on   existing projectors on   third reduce the brightness of the picture, and   the resolution is reduced by half. AT   Samsung claims that their   LED-screens give an image in   10 times brighter, transmit it without distortion and   can provide an almost infinite contrast ratio.

In addition, new displays should save viewers from   discomfort, nausea and   headache in   time watching 3D movies .

AT   paired with   LED-displays 3D Cinema will go audio system JBL by   Harman (the company was bought by Samsung in   2016), where they even patented for this special sound control technology.

Where and   when to expect

10-meter LED screens from   Samsung were introduced in the summer of 2017. First, the display was installed only in   one South Korean cinema, but   now begins a mass distribution. Thus, one of the   The largest operators of cinemas Wanda   installation of LED-screens instead of white cloths and   projectors, and   "The first swallow " will be Shanghai. Here they start the first cinema with   modern screen, in   then   as in   Rebuilding of the second takes place in Beijing.

Source: Samsung