Facebook tests deslays for comments

By: Elena Shcherban | 10.02.2018, 10:38
Facebook tests deslays for comments

Facebook tests the " downvote " button, but   is not   quite that dislajk, oh   which users of the social network have long requested.

How does it work

The new function allows you to evaluate comments to   posts in   public pages. After clicking the " finger down " comment is hidden from the   list, and   you   You can explain your dislay by rating the comment as offensive, inserting into   misconception or not   by   topic.

Screenshots of the new feature appeared in   Twitter, after which the innovation was confirmed in   press-service of the company. " We   not   We test the button of the dislayer. we   We study the function that allows people to give us feedback about   comments on   reported public page »   - emphasized in   Facebook.

Apparently, like   at   Reddit, the button " downvote " is designed to help understand what topics users are interested in, understand the tone and   content of comments that users approve, and   also fight   insults and   disinformation.

Where did the

While " dislays " appeared only in   a limited number of users in   USA. Will   Is this function publicly available?   - is still unknown.

Source: The Verge