Superheroes and bald: this year will be more than 150 new emoji

Standard Unicode 11.0 will bring 157 new images, including superheroes, bald, red and   gray people, and   also new animals and   kinds of sports.

Superheroes and bald: this year will be more than 150 new emoji

AT   Unicode Consortium published the final list of new emoji that will be included in the   standard Unicode 11.0 and   appear in   this year. Their   total 157: 77 new, the rest   - modification of existing images.

What's added

AT   Unicode 11.0 will appear superheroes (and men and   women), bald, red, gray people of different skin color, new sports (softball, skateboard, chess, frisbee), animals and   insects (kangaroo, parrot, lobster, raccoon, mosquito, peacock, badger, swan), bath accessories (washcloth, soap, jar with   gel, toilet paper), the sign of infinity, food, medical instruments and   bacteria.

When to expect

The new emoji package will be available this summer. On   different devices they will look differently , as the producers " adjust " the images to their style.

The total number of approved emoji will reach 2,823 pieces.

Recall, also in   This year, users will be given the opportunity to rotate emoji , changing them   direction. AT   First of all, this concerns asymmetric images   - for example, runners and   transport.

Source: Unicode