Xiaomi deleted the poll in which Android One won the MIUI

By: Bohdan Chub | 12.02.2018, 11:02
Xiaomi deleted the poll in which Android One won the MIUI

Recently, the official Twitter account Xiaomi invited fans to choose between the proprietary shell MIUI 9 and Android One. The company clearly did not expect that users would give preference to the "clean" version of the operating system, and when it began to confidently lead, it occurred to somebody the idiotic idea to remove the vote.

The psychedelos changed their minds

Apparently, Xiaomi Mi A1 was so attracted to the public that even dedicated fans of the company (and in the survey they mostly participated) would like to see more gadgets of their favorite brand on Android One. But instead of publishing a banal and non-binding message about the importance of consumer opinion, Xiaomi simply removed the vote, the results of which did not suit her.

In MIUI there are interesting chips that you will not see in "pure" Android (starting from cloning messengers to work in several accounts and ending with useful themes that completely change the look of the interface), but outside of China users prefer shells with a separate application menu. This is also forgotten by Huawei, which for a long time (and so far unsuccessfully ) is trying to conquer the US market. Of course, no one will prohibit installing a third-party launcher, but often smartphone owners never change the default settings.

Companies generally should not start experiments with public opinion, if they are not sure of the positive result. And even more so you do not need to try to hide the traces of your failure - still will not work. Xiaomi also failed:

And the gap is not that big to worry about

Source: Android Police