Scientists have created nanorobots that kill cancerous tumors

By: Igor Nikitin | 13.02.2018, 11:23
Scientists have created nanorobots that kill cancerous tumors

Modern methods of fighting cancer are not the most pleasant: physicians use chemotherapy and radiation to attack cancer cells. Unfortunately, with this procedure the whole body suffers, and 100% of the result is not guaranteed by anybody.

Researchers from Nature Biotechnology have found a safe method to combat malignant tumors. It is less radical, but the effectiveness is checked in the laboratory.

How it works

Scientists took part of the DNA of the virus and turned it into a kind of sheet, which was added with an enzyme for blood clotting. All this is twisted into a tube and a molecule similar to the tumor DNA is added. So, nanorobots can find the right cell in the body. Next, nanorobots are introduced into the body of the creature, where they contact the already "familiar" melanoma DNA.

When the "tube" finds a tumor, it opens and envelops it. Enzyme enters the action, which thickens the blood supply of the tumor and cuts off nutrients. As a result, education completely dies.

On the threshold of great discoveries

The studies were carried out on mice injected with human lung and breast cancer cells. Nanorobots slowed or reversed the development of the tumor. Later they remained in the body to prevent the spread and growth of melanoma. In the case of liver and lung cancer, the body itself restored the damaged cells, after the nanorobots killed the tumor.

The main advantage of bots is that they do not affect other cells of the body, as in the case of radiation or chemotherapy. Researchers have not yet conducted tests on humans, but experiments with pigs and mice have been successful.