Student discount on Apple Music is available in 82 new regions

By: Igor Nikitin | 14.02.2018, 12:17
Student discount on Apple Music is available in 82 new regions

Apple has expanded the list of countries in which student discounts are available for Apple Music.

What is known

Student discount for Apple Music is now available in 82 new regions. Among them are the Philippines, Portugal, Poland and even Israel ( full list ). Russian users can already use it, and Ukraine is not yet on the list.

How it works

To receive a 50% discount on Apple Music, the student must prove that he, in fact, is a student. To do this, you must create a UNiDAYS account, which will confirm the status. The discount is valid for 48 months. To deceive the program and create "accounting" of another country will not work, since UNiDAYS itself is not supported in all countries.

Ukraine is not on the list of countries with student discount support, but UNiDAYS provides an opportunity for registration. The student must enter the data of his university - address, name and mail of the institution. Then, using the corporate mail address with the domain ".edu", you need to confirm the registration.

When to expect

If your country is listed as supported, do not rush to subscribe. The official launch will occur before the end of the month, on February 26, in all 82 regions.