Almost like Google Books: in Ukraine launched the cloud service PocketBook Cloud

By: Elena Shcherban | 14.02.2018, 23:00
Almost like Google Books: in Ukraine launched the cloud service PocketBook Cloud

The manufacturer of PocketBook readers (by the way, originated in Kiev, but moved to Switzerland) launched in   Ukraine and   other countries, the cloud-based PocketBook Cloud service that will help you synchronize your e-book with   smartphone, laptop, tablet or   another gadget.

What is it for?

FROM   using the cloud service, you   can store and   read books on   any device (suddenly not at hand   will be a reader), moreover   - upload text to   the place on   which stopped, even if it was on   another gadget. It seems that the service can be useful for reading lovers in   metro, on   class or meeting.

How to use

AT   First of all, you need to download the proprietary PocketBook application (available for iOS and Android ). Log in to   PocketBook Cloud can only users   - to enter you need to enter a login and   account password with   this site. After authorization on   you will see books that you   bought on You can also store here publications, downloaded from   computer or   browser.


Free give limited space   - 2 GB. To get more space in the   cloud (suddenly you want to compete with   British Library), will have to pay: there are tariffs from   5, 10 and   20 GB, but   their   the cost is still unknown.

What with   PocketBook

AT   mid-March this year, the company promises to release the flagship reader PocketBook InkPad 3, and   he   will already go " in   bundled "with   cloud storage. The existing models of PocketBook Touch HD and   PocketBook Touch HD   2 will receive support of the service along with   new firmware already in   soon.

TO   word, such a repository has long been   Google   - Google Play Books, and   Amazon launches Kindle e-book readers. AT   Google Play Books provides a virtually dimensionless cloud, and   books, notes and   other documents can be synchronized to   Other devices. Syncing with   Other platforms provide for and   at   Amazon Kindle - for this you need only download the application of the same name.

Source: PocketBook