The contest "Show your HONOR!": Sum up

By: protocol droid C-3PO | 15.02.2018, 11:55
The contest "Show your HONOR!": Sum up

The competition "Show your HONOR!" Has ended and today we sum up its results. 1072 people took part in the competition. Correctly answered all 6 questions of 454 readers. And the winner, according to the results of the draw, was Yuri Skorikov from Severodonetsk. Congratulations to the winner and wish good luck to all the other participants in our new competitions!

Correct answers

  1. The case of Honor 7X is made of
    1. genetically modified polycarbonate
    2. pretreated iron correct answer
    3. fabulously durable mithril
    4. high-carbon nanofibres
    5. choice of Chinese plastic
  2. Dual camera in the smartphone Honor 7X is needed ...
    1. because that's what Apple does
    2. to take two pictures with the click of a button
    3. because without it the phase focusing does not work
    4. To add a blur effect to a portrait shot, the correct answer is
    5. Google to track users
  3. The processor power of the 8-core Kirin 659 chip, installed in Honor 7X, is necessary for
    1. simultaneous operation of multiple applications the correct answer
    2. emulation of additional memory
    3. the speedy execution of infinite cycles
    4. secretive mining crypto-currency
    5. enslavement of mankind with artificial intelligence
  4. What do you mean when they say that the Honor 7X has a screen with a Full HD + resolution?
    1. that without higher technical education can not be understood
    2. that it is in the antitenure in relation to other screens
    3. that the designers forgot to add a frame to the screen
    4. that the display almost reaches the edge of the side panels, and its clarity exceeds the clarity of 98% of TVs the correct answer
    5. some incomprehensible set of letters
  5. How many times does the Honor 7X work with its powerful 3340 mAh battery?
    1. long enough
    2. You need to read the specifications on the manufacturer's website
    3. now I'll go reviews review
    4. on this question there is no one exact answer, because users are all different correct answer
    5. you vsyo lie, I have it "keeps the charge" less (longer)
  6. What is the name of the phone exchange program with a supplement in Citrus?
    1. Citrus barter
    2. Citrus Trade-In
    3. Citrus exchange the correct answer
    4. Citrus waving without looking
    5. Citrus swap