SpaceX can become a global Internet provider

By: Eugene Sherban | 16.02.2018, 12:02
SpaceX can become a global Internet provider

Head of the Federal Commission for   US communication Ajit Pai proposes to issue SpaceX permission for   providing high-speed access services in the   the Internet. Pai is confident that SpaceX technologies will be able to provide high-speed access to   networks of the whole planet, thereby solving the problem of digital inequality.

Why SpaceX

Because already in   This Saturday, February 17, the company will   orbit 2 of the first satellite to distribute the Internet. Because in a few years these satellites will be very much, and   to   In 2027, the Starlink satellite network will be able to provide high-speed   anywhere on the planet. Because of the location on the   low-Earth orbit transmission delay with   of such a satellite is 30   milliseconds, against 500-600 current ones. Plus the attitude of officials to   Mask for   the last few years has changed   better side, and   he   offered them   Starlink project 2 years ago.

What will it give

AT   The US is not   very good with   the Internet. First , the market divides a couple of telecommunications monopoly companies that do not   especially strive to develop their services. So 15   million Americans who live in   rural areas and   reservations not   have access even to   high-speed mobile Internet. Providers say that they do not   can conduct fiber optic links there or install cellular communications towers due to geographic features. AND   This is both a big problem and   great potential benefits. According to the Deloitte report, improved access to   internet in   countries in Latin America, Africa and   Asia to   level of developed countries will add to the   GDP of more than 2 countries   trillion   dollars.

Source: Mashable