Twitter will fight multi-accounts

By: Elena Shcherban | 22.02.2018, 18:15
Twitter will fight multi-accounts

The Twitter microblogging service tightens the rules for the owners of several accounts, thus trying to overcome the bots and   dishonest " game " in   social network.

What has changed and   why

Now in   Twitter will not be able to publish one and   the one   same post with   different pages, put in such a way the likes and   subscribe to   this or that user. In addition, it will not be possible to schedule the publication of an identical message with   different accounts.

The only exceptions are applications designed to broadcast   weather, emergency or   other public services (for example, warnings about   earthquakes or tsunamis).

A   done this, in   first of all, because of political " tricks " . Thus, in   election time   In   In 2016, bots were used to artificially increase the authority and   " Fan " the popularity of some tweets.

" These changes   Is an important step on   ways to   to stop malicious interference in   important discussions taking place in the   Twitter, in   including elections in   The United States and   by   all over the world "   - said the representative of the administration of Twitter Yoel Roth.

Owners of multiple accounts must take into account all these requirements and   make the necessary changes before   23   Martha. AT   otherwise in   Twitter promises to punish violators   - up to   account lockout.

Source: Twitter