Simulator of the Middle Ages «Kingdom Come» in 2 weeks bought more than a million players

By: Eugene Sherban | 24.02.2018, 12:26
Simulator of the Middle Ages «Kingdom Come» in 2 weeks bought more than a million players

If you, like   author, used to grumble about   That video games are no longer   those   and   nothing interesting is   happens, then   in vain. For example, the creators of the simulator of the Middle Ages " Kingdom Come " sold more than a million copies. AND   it's all for   two weeks. AND   this game, in   which you   you can stomp in an hour and a half   the nearest village, stand for hours   watch out for   wall or die from   hunger.

This news shared the director general Warhorse Studios Martin Fpivaldsky. " Undoubtedly we   counted on   one million. This is an extremely positive figure, but   not   say that it was something unattainable for us. " If you believe the data of the service Steamspy, 45% of the   total number of sales fell on   personal computers. The remaining 55%   - PS4 and   Xbox One.

Role-play from   Warhorse Studios players nicknamed the hardcore mixture "The Witcher " and   " Simulator of life " in   which the hero is stupid ( read something then almost no one   knew how), and   of   entertainment only alcohol, girls yes   fights. AT   in general, everything is as in   life. It is his hardcore game and   hooked the majority   - you   are free to move on   plot, or   And go for a couple of weeks to explore the game world and, for example, become a fisherman, as it was in   old RPG. And, to engage in interesting and   one and   other   - Simulator of the Middle Ages worked out before   the smallest details, and   the story of revenge to the king is not   It gives the story of "The Witcher 3" and   « Fallout: New Vegas » .

Source: Twitter