LG brought to the MWC flagship V30S ThinQ with pumped AI

By: Eugene Sherban | 25.02.2018, 13:12
LG brought to the MWC flagship V30S ThinQ with pumped AI

LG, which is now on   crossroads, postponed the announcement of its new flagship on   summer of this year. Therefore, in   Barcelona on   MWC they brought the successor LG   V30, which pumped artificial intelligence, added new colors and   increased the amount of memory.

What AI can do

All key features of AI   linked in   mostly from   camera and   ThinQ platform with   several built-in features. The first is called AI   CAM   Is an " intelligent " viewfinder, which with   using AI   recognizes objects in   frame. QLens recognizes objects in the   frame and   seeking information about   them in   network. This can be, for example, a bottle of wine, which was brought   friends, jeans in   sink, A   Bright Mode with   using AI   will " pull " the shots in   conditions of poor lighting. A   You can control the camera with   using the voice command system Voice AI.


By the way, ThinQ will soon be available to the owners of the original V30 and   V30 +.


LG   increased the amount of internal memory   128 GB   before   256 GB. AT   The rest of the filling remained exactly   same as   at   conventional V3: Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 processor, 6 GB   RAM, 6-inch P-OLED display (2880 × 1440) and   battery for   mAh.

The price and the launch date of sales of LG V30S ThinQ in LG has not yet been reported.