Presented Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 +: focus on the camera

By: Elena Shcherban | 25.02.2018, 20:10
Presented Samsung Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 +: focus on the camera

Just that Samsung in   before the exhibition Mobile World Congress 2018 in   Barcelona held a presentation of two flagships   - Galaxy S9 and   Galaxy S9 +. This is one of the   most expected smartphones of the year, and therefore   the presentation was far from being   ordinary: the audience was shown a device in   augmented reality, which could be " touched " and   " Twist " in   hands. To do this, it was necessary to aim the camera   visitor's badge   - and   instead of the " carton " on   The 3D model of the flagship appeared on the screen.


On   view of the ninth generation of Galaxy S   not much different from   eighth:   The current flagships are a frameless design, a Super AMOLED display with   curved edges and   The ratio of the sides is 18.5: 9. Have   Plus- screen on   6.2 inches, at   junior version   - 5.8 inches.


Perhaps, the main difference in   appearance   Is the location of the fingerprint scanner. Now he   at   more convenient place   - under the main camera on the   the rear panel. Behind   Intelligent Scan technology will also be responsible   - combination of the retina scanner and   face recognition technology.

The case of smartphones is made of   glass with   metal frame and   protected from   dust and   moisture to   IP68 standard.


The emphasis in   The time of presentation was made on   camera. Have   Galaxy S9 it will be single (12   Mn), and   the   Galaxy S9 +   - dual (two modules for   12   Mn). Front camera at   novelties are the same   - on   8   Mp.


AT   Samsung promise that the camera will adapt to lighting, like   human eyes, so the pictures will be of high quality even at night. In addition, the Slow Motion (with   effect of time dilation) on   S9 are more colorful and   clear: the smartphone will be able to shoot 960 frames per second. Therefore, in S9 mode called Super Slow Motion.


Flagship received the branded processor Exynos 9810, and   here in   The United States and   China will be sold models for   Snapdragon 845.

Standard Galaxy S9 is equipped with 4 GB   operational and   64 GB   built-in memory, and   the   Plus versions will be modifications from   6 GB   RAM and   drive on   128 GB.

Have   junior version of the battery capacity of 3000   mAh, the " pluses " are a bit " tenacious "   - 3500   mAh.

AT   As the operating system is Android 8.0 s   updated shell Samsung Experience 9.

What else

Also Galaxy S9 and   Galaxy S9 + can be made from   your animoji portraits, which   further can be used in   in social networks. In addition, the capabilities of the Bixby assistant are extended.


When to expect

Flagships will be available in   four colors: black, blue, gray and   lilac. Pre-orders will start tomorrow, and   sales will begin on March 16. Price Galaxy S9 - $ 720, Galaxy S9 + - $ 840.


TO   word, Galaxy S9 and Galaxy S9 + are already being tested in   gg , so tomorrow we   share with   your impressions of   flagships Samsung.