Dropbox announced integration with Google services

Users will be able to create, edit and save documents in the cloud storage.

Dropbox announced integration with Google services

In the near future, Google G Suite services will "make friends" with the cloud storage of Dropbox.

What is known

In his blog, Dropbox announced that G Suite web apps will "get on with" Dropbox. Users can create, edit and save documents, notes and slides in the cloud storage. Administrators of Dropbox Business will be able to edit files, "like other content that lives in Dropbox." Gmail users will receive notifications about changes in files, and in Hangouts Chat they will implement the function of previewing documents right inside the chat.

When to expect

Dropbox promise that the services will be integrated "later" in 2018.

Napoleonic plans

Previously, Dropbox announced the integration with other popular services - Microsoft Outlook and Adobe XD CC. For example, MO users can now share large files, as well as restrict access by links. For Adobe XD CC added a preview of XD-files on Android and iOS devices. Also users can leave comments and annotations to them in Dropbox.