In the World of Warplanes added two new modes

By: Anton Melnik | 03.03.2018, 08:59
In the World of Warplanes added two new modes

Spring update World of Warplanes introduced new modes, operations, maps, as well as several unique machines.

The war against monotony

Perhaps the most interesting innovation can be safely called the regimes "Invasion" and "War of attrition", interesting, because such features Wargaming in their projects is infrequent. In "Invasion", the attacking team must intercept the defensive control over several sectors before the timer expires. Each captured sector gives the "aggressor" extra time. The number of revivals in combat is limited. The "War of attrition" regime is very similar to the previous one, with the only difference being that there are no restrictions on revival, and the points are counted as for control over the sectors, and for the number of destroyed enemy planes. As the sectors are captured by one team, the loss of each additional aircraft becomes more and more sensitive for the enemy.

Total for details

In addition to the new modes, we are expecting two new maps, one of which is the night, as well as an in-game Event "Operation Western Shaft" for participation in which you can get unique combat vehicles of the VIII level - heavy fighter Dornier Do 335A-1 Pfeil and fighter Curtiss XF-15C. The event will last from March 2 until April 9.

Source: KVG