Published a list of 15 smartphones with the highest level of radio emission

By: Pavel Chuikin | 05.03.2018, 09:03
Published a list of 15 smartphones with the highest level of radio emission

The Federal Office for Radiation Protection of the Federal Republic of Germany conducted its studies of radio emission from smartphones and identified 15 models with the strongest radiation.

Leaders of radio emission:

  1. OnePlus 5T - 1.68 W / kg
  2. Huawei Mate 9 - 1.64 W / kg
  3. Nokia Lumia 630 - 1.51 W / kg
  4. Huawei P9 Plus - 1.48 W / kg
  5. Huawei GX8 - 1.44 W / kg
  6. Huawei P9 - 1.43 W / kg
  7. Huawei Nova Plus - 1.41 W / kg
  8. OnePlus 5 - 1,39 W / kg
  9. Huawei P9 lite - 1.38 W / kg
  10. iPhone 7 - 1.38 W / kg
  11. Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact - 1.36 W / kg
  12. iPhone 8 - 1.32 W / kg
  13. ZTE AXON 7 mini - 1.29 W / kg
  14. BlackBerry DTEK60 - 1.28 W / kg
  15. iPhone 7 Plus - 1.24 W / kg

Lowest radiation

Together with the leaders, experts have identified models with the lowest level of radio emission. Among them smartphones Samsung: for Galaxy S8 it is equal to 0.25 W / kg. At the same time, the lowest radiation was found in Sony Xperia M5 - 0,14 W / kg. Safety certification from the Federal Office for Radiation Protection of Germany receives smart phones with radiation not higher than 0.60 W / kg, so all models from the list did not receive it.

What kind of radiation

The amount of harmful effects of smartphones per person is measured by the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR). This is an indicator that determines the energy of the electromagnetic field that settles in the tissues of a person's body for one second. The unit of measurement of SAR is watt per kilogram. But everywhere the permissible value is different. For example, in Europe it is 2 W / kg for 10 grams of tissue. And in the US only those models are certified, the radio emission of which does not exceed 1.6 W / kg for 1 gram of tissue.

The SAR level is determined when operating at maximum power, which happens very rarely. The better the quality of communication, the less power, and therefore even such an allegedly overstated norm of radio emission is absolutely safe for a person and does not harm him in any way.

Source: Techviral