AI Microsoft Bing predicted 16 of the 17 winners in the major Oscar nominations

By: Eugene Sherban | 05.03.2018, 13:47
AI Microsoft Bing predicted 16 of the 17 winners in the major Oscar nominations

Artificial intelligence, which lies in the   based search engine Microsoft Bing again guessed almost all the winners of the " Oscar " for   5 days to   ceremony. AT   17 main nominations he   guessed 16 winners!

Bing correctly named the best film " Form of water " by Guillermo del Toro, who also became the owner of the statuette for   the best direction. By   Bing's opinion   " Forms of water " had a 30% chance of   success, and   the   " Three billboards on   border of Ebbing, Missouri " 23%. As a result, the " Form of Water " won.

Perhaps, the most important forecast of Bing was on   part of Gary Oldman. Despite   a large number of nominations for   his whole life, Gary lived without figurines before   of how it became fashionable (hello, Dee   Caprio). However, Bing gave Oldmann a 56% chance of   success for   The role of Winston Churchill in   the film " Dark Times " . AND   you guessed. How did you guess and   the remaining actors for   the best roles of the first and   second plan   - Francis McDormand, Sam Rockwell and   Allison Jenny.


Also Bing correctly predicted that the prize for   The best special effects will go to " Runner on   blade 2049 " , and   behind   best sound editing   - the military painting of Christopher " Dunkirk " Nolan will be satisfied with the statuette for   the best sound editing. In total, he   guessed winners 16 of   17 nominations, having been mistaken only on   statuette for   the best documentary.

By the way, in   2015, Bing guessed 20 of the   24 (84%) of winners "Oscar" that brings on   thoughts about   hike to   bookie.