The second trailer of the science fiction series "Lost in Space" was released

By: Pavel Chuikin | 06.03.2018, 18:13
The second trailer of the science fiction series "Lost in Space" was released

Netflix released the second trailer of the sci-fi series "Lost in Space" . The first video can be viewed from this link .

Classics of science fiction

Judging by the official video, Netflix tried to glory: the project received graphics at the level of a big movie, a couple of bright characters, a twisted story with temporary anomalies and the style of classical science fiction.

The new series is a remake of the 1965 American television project of the same name. According to the plot, in the distant future the family of Robinsons leaves the Earth to establish their colony in another world. On the way, their ship breaks and sits on an unknown planet. And then, with the characters, a series of strange events and meetings take place.

Zak Estrin (the producer of the drama "Escape") will act as a showrunner of the new series. Among the familiar faces is Toby Stevens , known for the role of Captain Flint in Black Sails, as well as Molly Parker , famous for her roles in Wicker Man and Deadwood. All 10 episodes of the first season of "Lost in Space" will be released on Netflix on April 13, 2018.

Second attempt

In 1998, director Stephen Hopkins produced the feature film "Lost in Space" with William Hurt , Harry Oldman and Matt LeBlanc . The picture failed at the box office and was nominated for the anti-prize "Golden Raspberry" as the worst remake / sequel.

Source: YouTube