According to rumors, Rockstar is already working on GTA 6

By: Eugene Sherban | 07.03.2018, 10:45
According to rumors, Rockstar is already working on GTA 6

According to insides from   portal The Know, the studio Rockstar Games now does not work hard   only over the continuation of the western Red Dead Redemption 2, but   and   Over the next part of one of the main modern games - GTA.

What is known about GTA 6

The source claims that for the first time in   history of the series the central character of the game will be a girl. True, not   quite understandably, will   Whether she is the only main character, or their   will be somewhat as in   5 parts. The main location will again be the roaring Vice City. Therefore, with   probability in   99% of players will meet Tommy Vercetti or someone from   other characters Vice City. Also, the source reports that the player by   will often have to carry out missions in   South America. All this will be called GTA 6: Project Americas.

When to expect

According to the new information leak, GTA 6 will be released in   2022, because Rockstar does not need   less than 4 years on   development. From   We add that this is 4 years + 6   months on   transfers. AT   In any case, the news is excellent. It's up to us not to believe these rumors. Note only that in his time The Know merged a lot of insiders about Dark Souls, almost all of which turned out to be true.

Source: The Know